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Unity is passionate about reaching out both locally and globally.

The Unity family has always been committed to both prayerful and financial support of missions and missionaries, local, domestic, and foreign.

Literally hundreds of thousands of dollars has been channeled through our deacons to 

grateful workers in mission fields around the world. 

One of our own families left their home and business 

and served the Lord's work through Wycliffe Bible Translators 

for over 20 years. We've also had five others pursue training for pastoral ministry with our blessing and help. We support a real diversity in ministries including pro-life clinics, colleges, electronic Bible production & distribution, Teen Challenge, church planting, technical and support ministry overseas, and translation and language support! It is so exciting to be partners with so many ministries!​


You can find out more about the specific ministries and missionaries we support here

Or learn more about our local community outreach here.

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